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Abu Dhabi ADEC School Ratings – Complete List

Abu Dhabi ADEC School Ratings – Complete List

by David WestleyJune 14, 2016

ADEC has replaced its previous eight grade rating for schools with a six point rating, in common with neighbouring emirates.

The six grades are as follows:

Outstanding: Quality of performance substantially exceeds the expectation of the UAE
Very Good: Quality of performance exceeds the expectation of the UAE
Good: Quality of performance meets the expectation of the UAE (This is the expected level for every school in the UAE)
Acceptable: Quality of performance meets the minimum level of quality required in the UAE (This is the minimum level for every school in the UAE)
Weak: Quality of performance is below the expectation of the UAE
Very Weak: Quality of performance is significantly below the expectation of the UAE

Here we detail all ratings so far given for 2016. Where there is no rating for 2015/16 we give its latest rating – note, this was based on an eight point scale: A1 (Outstanding), A2, A3, B4, B5, B6, C7 and C8 (Very, very weak).

School NameCurriculumAdec Overall 2015/2016  – BandNew 2015/2016 RatingsPrevious Rating if no 2016 Rating
Abdullah Bin Zubair Private SchoolUKC7
Abu Dhabi Australian SchoolIBB5
Abu Dhabi Grammar School -Branch1CanadianB4
Abu Dhabi Grammar School CanadaCanadianBAcceptable
Abu Dhabi Indian – Branch1IndianC6
Abu Dhabi Indian Private SchoolIndianBAcceptable
Abu Dhabi International Private School PrimaryUS/UKB4
Abu Dhabi International Private School SecondaryUS/UKA3
Abu Dhabi Island Pvt SchoolUSB5
Abu Mousa Al Ashaari Private SchoolMOEC8
Adnoc School, GhayathiUSBAcceptable
Adnoc School, Madinat ZayedUSCWeak
Adnoc School, Sas Al NaklUSAGood
Ain AlKhaleej Private SchoolMOE/USCWeak
Ajyal International Private SchoolUKB5
Al Adhwa Private SchoolUSBAcceptable
Al Ain American Private SchoolUSAGood
Al Ain English Speaking SchoolUKCWeak
Al Ain International Private SchoolUKAVery Good
Al Ain International School Al Dar AcademyUKA3
Al Ain Iranian Private SchoolIranianCWeak
Al Ain Juniors Private SchoolUK/IndianB4
Al Andalus Private AcademyMOEB4
Al Awa’il Private SchoolMOECWeak
Al Bahya Private SchoolMOEC6
Al Bashair Private SchoolMOEAGood
Al Basma SchoolUKB4
Al Bateen Scientific Private SchoolUSB4
Al Bateen Secondary Al Mushrif Private SchoolUKAOutstanding
Al Bhaya Private SchoolMOEBAcceptable
Al Danat KG Private SchoolUSAGood
Al Dar Private SchoolMOEBAcceptable
Al Dhabiania Private SchoolMOEB5
Al Dhafra Private SchoolUKAGood
Al Dhafra Private SchoolsUSB4
Al Ekhlass Private SchoolMOEBAcceptable
Al Ettehad Private SchoolPakistaniCVery Weak
Al Ettehad Private SchoolPakistaniC7
Al Hamadanya Grand Private SchoolMOEC6
Al Hamdanya Grand Private SchoolMOEBAcceptable
Al Iman Private SchoolMOECWeak
Al Ittihad National Private School Abu DhabiUSAGood
Al Ittihad National Private School Al AinUSBAcceptable
Al Khalil International Private SchoolMOEC6
Al Maali International Private SchoolMOE/USCVery Weak
Al Manahil Private SchoolUKC7
Al Manara Private SchoolMOEC6
Al Manhal International SchoolMOEBAcceptable
Al Marfaa International SchoolMOE/IndianC7
Al Muna Primary SchoolUKAOutstanding
Al Mushrif Primary SchoolUKA3
Al Nahda National School – BoysUS/UKB5
Al Nahda National School – GirlsUS/UKB5
Al Najah Private SchoolUK/IBBAcceptable
Al Nash’e Assaleh Private SchoolUKC6
Al Rabeeh Private SchoolUKAGood
Al Saad Indian Private SchoolIndianC6
Al Sanawbar Private SchoolUSA3
Al Seddeeq Private SchoolMOEC7
Al Shohub Private SchoolUKAGood
Al Sorouh American SchoolUSC6
Al Tharawat National Private SchoolMOEC7
Al Wathba Private SchoolMOEB5
Al Yaher Private School Al AinMOE/UKC6
Al Yasat Private SchoolUSB4
Al Yasmina Private SchoolUKAVery Good
Aliaa International SchoolUSC6
Ambitions Private (Al Tumooh)MOE/UKC7
American Community Private SchoolUSA2
Ashbal Al Quds Private SchoolMOEBAcceptable
Asian International Private (Rowais)IndianC6
Asian International Private SchoolIndianCWeak
Bani Yas International Private SchoolUSB5
Baraaim Al Ain Private SchoolMOE/USCWeak
Baraem Al Ain Private School – Bani YasMOEC6
Beit Al Maqdes International Private SchoolMOEBAcceptable
Belvedere British SchoolUKB5
Bright Riders Private SchoolIndianB5
Bright Riders School llc Branch 1IndianC6
Brighton CollegeUKA2
Brighton College Al Ain (Bloom Gardens)UKA2
Canadian International SchoolCanadianAGood
Choueifat International Private School RowaisSABISAGood
Cranleigh SchoolUKA3
Creative British SchoolUKC7
Crescent international private schoolUKC6
Dar Al Uloom Private SchoolMOECWeak
Dar al Uloom Private School Al AinMOEC6
Darul Huda International Private SchoolIndianCWeak
Diyafah International School LLCUKB4
Emirates Falcon International Private SchoolUSBAcceptable
Emirates Future International AcademyIndianCWeak
Emirates National AlNayhanUS/IBCWeak
Emirates National Private School – Al ManaserUSB5
Emirates National School Al AinUSB4
Emirates National School ManaseerUSBAcceptable
Emirates National School MBZUS/IBAGood
Emirates Private SchoolUK/US/MOEAGood
Emirates Private School – Bani YasMOEC7
Emirates Private School Al AinMOE/UKB4
First Lebanon Private SchoolMOEBAcceptable
Future International School Al AinUSCWeak
Gems American AcademyUSAVery Good
Gems Cambridge International SchoolUKAGood
GEMS Winchester School Abu DhabiUKB5
GEMS World Academy Abu DhabiIBA3
German International SchoolGermanA3
Global English SchoolUKC6
Global Indian International SchoolIndianNew
Good Will Children Private SchoolUKB5
Grace Valley Indian SchoolIndianC6
Horizon Private SchoolMOEC6
Horizon Private School – BranchUSB4
Ibn Khaldoun Islamic SchoolMOECWeak
Indian Private School Al AinIndianCWeak
Indian SchoolIndianB5
International Community – BranchUKB5
International Community Kindergarten LLCUS/UKC7
International Community SchoolUS/UKBAcceptable
International Jubilee Private SchoolUSBAcceptable
International Private SchoolMOECWeak
International School of Choueifat – Khalifa ASABISB5
International School of Choueifat Abu DhabiSABISAGood
International School of Choueifat Al AinSABISBAcceptable
Islamia English High SchoolUKBAcceptable
Japanese School Of Abu DhabiJapaneseAVery Good
Liwa International Private SchoolUSAGood
Lycee Louis MassignonFrenchA3
Madar International SchoolUSBAcceptable
Manar Al IlmMOE/UKC6
Manor Hall International Private SchoolUSBAcceptable
Mayoor Private SchoolIndianB5
Merryland International SchoolUKAVery Good
Middle East Private SchoolMOEC6
Mohammed Bin Khaled Al Nahyan Generations SchoolUSC6
New Indian Model SchoolIndianBAcceptable
Oasis International SchoolIndianC6
Our Own English High School – Al AinIndianB5
Pakistan Community Welfare SchoolPakistaniC7
Pakistani Islamic Private SchoolPakistaniCVery Weak
Palestine Private AcademyMOECVery Weak
Pearl Primary SchoolUKAVery Good
Philippine Emirates SchoolPhilippineC6
Polaris Private AcademyMOEC6
Private International English SchoolIndianB5
Raha International Private SchoolIBAOutstanding
Rawafed Private SchoolUSAGood
Reach British Private SchoolUKC6
Repton Foundation SchoolUKAVery Good
Repton SchoolUKB5
Rosary Private SchoolMOEB4
Ryan Private SchoolIndianB5
Scientific Distinction Private SchoolMOECWeak
Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bangladesh Islamia Private SchoolBangladeshiBAcceptable
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistan Private SchoolPakistaniC6
Sheikh Zayed Academy for GirlsUSAVery Good
Shining Star Private SchoolIndianCWeak
Summit International SchoolUSB4
Sunflower Private SchoolUKB5
Sunrise English Private SchoolIndianAGood
Tawaam Model Private SchoolMOEC7
The American International School Abu DhabiUS/IBAVery Good
The British International School of Abu DhabiUK/IBAVery Good
The British School – Al KhubairatUKA3
The Cambridge High SchoolUKAGood
The Cambridge International High SchoolUKA3
The Gulf International Private AcademyUSB4
The International School of Choueifat – Abu Dhabi City PrimarySABISC6
The International School of Choueifat – Abu Dhabi City SecondarySABISB4
The International School of Choueifat – Khalifa ASABISC6
The Iranian Private SchoolIranianC6
The Model Private SchoolIndianBAcceptable
The National Torches Private SchoolMOEC7
The Philippine Global SchoolPhilippineNEW
The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for girlsUSA3
Theodore MonodFrenchBAcceptable
United School of Al YaharUSC6
United School of Bani Yas Private SchoolUSCVery Weak
Universal Private SchoolUK/MOECWeak
Virginia International SchoolUSNEW
Vision Private SchoolMOEC6
Western Private Model SchoolIndianC7
Yas Academy Private SchoolMOEBAcceptable
Zakher Private SchoolUK/MOEBAcceptable

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