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Post 16 Education – Dubai’s Best Sixth Forms, High Schools

Post 16 Education – Dubai’s Best Sixth Forms, High Schools

by Jon WestleyMay 17, 2017

Part 4:

The Best US High Schools for the US High School Diploma and International Baccalaureate Diploma 2017

The following school recommendations should be read in conjunction with our Guide to the US High School Diploma, here, Guide to the International Baccalaureate Diploma, here, our Guide to the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme, here, our Guide to getting into top universities, here, our 16 – 18 Education Guide, here and our Guide to the Best British Schools in Dubai, here.

Our top US High School for High School Diploma and International Baccalaureate study in Dubai for 2017-18 is:

  • GEMS Dubai American Academy


GEMS Dubai American Academy (Dubai American Academy – Nations Campus)

Our View: “The merger of GEMS Nations Academy and the KHDA Outstanding Dubai American Academy (DAA) due to complete in September 2017 will see the launch of a new school, Dubai American Academy – Nations Campus,  blending the flagship facilities and faculty investment of GEMS Nations with the historically outstanding teaching and achievements of Dubai’s premium US curricular school. GEMS Dubai American Academy (DAA) is the only school in Dubai following an American curriculum to have been awarded an “Outstanding” rating by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau and one achieved in each of six consecutive years since 2011. As it stands DAA is a genuinely outstanding school and one that is unambiguously, and very highly, recommended.

In September 2017 DAA will relocate entirely to the landmark GEMS Nations campus. Dubai American Academy – Nations Campus, will host arguably the best facilities of any school in the Emirates but will need to blend a number of core differences between the schools across almost every aspect of provision from SEND and bursaries to co-teacher models of education and a defined US curriculum approach from DAA that GEMS will not want to dilute. It is far too early to take a considered view of the eventual outcome. This is no small undertaking and the risks are very high for GEMS. It will not want to damage in any way two of its most important flagship schools.”

KHDA 2017 Rating: Outstanding

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  • Natalie
    February 28, 2019 at 12:56 pm

    The School of Research Science is, in my opinion, nothing like as good a school as you suggest. Its student population lacks manners and obedience. I would not recommend this school despite its outward appearance. It looks extravagant on the outside due all the money they spend on it; however that actual educational system and atmosphere is poor.

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