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Post 16 Education – Dubai’s Best Sixth Forms, High Schools

Post 16 Education – Dubai’s Best Sixth Forms, High Schools

by Jon WestleyMay 17, 2017

Part 2:

The Best British Sixth Forms for the IB Diploma and/or IB Career-related Programme 2017

The following school recommendations should be read in conjunction with our Guide to the International Baccalaureate Diploma, here, our Guide to the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme, here, our Guide to getting into top universities, here, our 16 – 18 Education Guide, here and our Guide to the Best British Schools in Dubai, here.

Of the many indicators of the sheer quality and breadth of provision at 16 – 18, arguably it is in this specialised British school provision of the IB Diploma that is the most telling. For many parents, and young men and women, the combination of a British school ethos and framework, with the breadth of the international IB Diploma, is a compelling one. We think too, the availability in the best schools of the outstanding, technical education focussed IB Career-related Programme, has considerably strengthened the attractiveness of the IB as an alternative to A Levels for the right children.

Our top British Sixth Forms for International Baccalaureate study in Dubai for 2017-18 are:

  • Jumeirah English Speaking School Arabian Ranches
  • GEMS Wellington International School
  • Repton School Dubai
  • Deira International School
  • GEMS Wellington Academy


Jumeirah English Speaking School Arabian Ranches

Our View: “Not-for-profit is in the JESS DNA and this shines in the high quality of both staff, curriculum and facilities; income from the debenture system is used entirely for school resources and staffing rather than being siphoned off for shareholder or owners profit. cclaim and popularity may have its roots in location and reputation, but the JESS Arabian Ranches offer is substantive and impressive. JESS pioneers a dual track British education to 16 followed by the IB Diploma, replicating the increasing move away from A’ Level in the UK’s top public schools. Most telling of the school’s absolute commitment to meet the very different needs of all children, JESS has now introduced one of the broadest ranges of UK BTEC options at Sixth Form. From 2016-17 this includes Art, Sport and Business. The aim is to balance the rigorously academic IB Diploma with alternative, and in some cases parallel, vocational study in areas best able to meet the individual gifts of children. You can’t fail to be impressed by the opportunities and vision at JESS, and the layout and function of some of the areas is beyond imaginative. An absolutely extraordinary school. Very highly recommended.”

KHDA 2017 Rating: Outstanding


GEMS Wellington International School

Our view: “GEMS Wellington International is a (very) deserving Editor’s Pick. The school provides a powerful, inspirational education, one of the best on offer anywhere in the region, in Mathematics, English and Science – and its results demonstrate significant, impressive value-added to its mixed ability intake.”

KHDA 2017 Rating: Outstanding


Repton School Dubai

Our View: “Repton School Dubai polarises views, but its very unique British atmosphere, genuinely unmatched elsewhere in the sector, creates a very special school with a draw that, for parents able to afford the fees, may be irresistible. In its combination of a British Boarding school style experience, with the flair and ‘feel’ that comes from its Arabic-infused location, strong academics, world-class facilities, architectural environment and mixed cultural student intake, Repton does fire the imagination.  Unsurprisingly the school deservedly secured elite whichschooladvisor good school status in 2013-14, 2015-16, 2016-17 and now 2017-18. Highly recommended.”

KHDA 2017 Rating: Outstanding


Deira International School

Our View: “A very, very good school midway through an ambitious programme of full-phase capital and intellectual school development offering an outstanding education for its students.”

KHDA 2017 Rating: Very Good


GEMS Wellington Academy – Dubai Silicon Oasis

Our View: “GEMS Wellington DSO offers children the opportunity of an extraordinary education. The school’s provision and facilities mirror those of top UK independents and the curriculum cleverly, and genuinely, offers different pathways according to the gifts, ambitions, and needs of individual children. Innovations in fused digital learning are indicative of the forward thinking leadership of the school. If you can afford the premium fees, then GEMS Wellington Academy DSO is a school to consider.”

KHDA 2017 Rating: Very Good

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  • Natalie
    February 28, 2019 at 12:56 pm

    The School of Research Science is, in my opinion, nothing like as good a school as you suggest. Its student population lacks manners and obedience. I would not recommend this school despite its outward appearance. It looks extravagant on the outside due all the money they spend on it; however that actual educational system and atmosphere is poor.

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