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Latest Dubai school fees discounts 2022/23: Parents can now make major savings at these schools next year

Best Dubai School Fees Discounts for Academic Year 2022/23

Looking to enroll your child in a Dubai school for the upcoming academic school? These Dubai schools are offering some attractive school fees discounts for 2022/2023, with everything from generous founders offers to 100% scholarships on the menu.

Many of the discounts vary widely depending on which year you enter your child, and some discounts are valid only for a year, whereas others are valid for the entire time your child is at the school. We have excluded sibling discounts, but most schools will also offer a small percentage off fees for second, third, fourth children and onwards. The table below is a summary of the best top-line deals on offer for 2022/23, but please be sure to read on to find out the exact details and how they vary depending on your child’s year and other factors.

Here’s our run-down of the best Dubai school fees discounts for 2022/23 so far…

School Percentage off Save up to Lowest to highest discounted fees
Durham School Dubai Up to 41% for one year AED 35,700 AED 38,340 – 51,300
Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai 15%  for two years AED 10,000 AED 63,750 – 82,450
Bloom World Academy Up to 50%* AED 37,500*; or up to AED 10,000 AED 32,000  – 72,000
Citizens School 20% AED 13,000 AED 36,000 – 52,000
GEMS Al Khaleej International School Up to 30% for new enrollments AED 11,363 for some grades AED 22,322 – 42,714
GEMS Al Barsha National School 5% AED3,100 AED 39,900 – 58,900
Safa British School  Approx. 5-24% depending on the Year AED10,000 AED 32,000 – AED 58,000
GEMS Scholarships Up to 100% Full school fees
Kent College Up to 29% Corporate discount for Emirates Airline, FlyDubai and ICE/MHK Group AED15,800 AED 38,200 – 78,400

*for limited number of students, other discounts also available, see details below

The Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai

Royal Grammar School Guildford in the UK and Dubai compared by

This premium British-curriculum school – which opened in Dubai’s Tilal Al Ghaf area in September 2021 – brings with it the 500-year heritage of academic excellence of its prestigious parent school in the UK, with the bonus of an attractive 15% founders discount (guaranteed for two years) for families signing up for the 2022/23 academic year. Far from a franchise school, RGSGD has been designed with the ethos and guidance of the original British school at both its heart and its head; current Principal Clare Turnbull transferred directly from RGSG in the UK, and the school is owned by esteemed British education group Cognita. While fees at this school will always be at the premium end, the founders discount represents very good value for parents who wants a Tier 1 education for their child, at very little risk –  since the school’s established a leadership and close links with the UK can reassure any family that it is as well equipped as possible to deliver an outstanding education for every child.

Discount details

Academic year 2022-23 – 15% Tuition Fee Concession


Exclusively for pupils enrolling into academic year 2022-23 and including:
– Fee concession guaranteed for 2 years
– Personal IT device included for 2 years
– First year uniform package
– Extended School Day: Early Bird Club & After-school care included (7.00am drop off – 4.30pm pick-up) subject to availability
– 2 school-led extracurricular activities subject to availability

Year Discounted Tuition Fees 2022-23 Registration Fee
FS1 63,750 AED 6,375 AED
FS2 68,000 AED 6,800 AED
Year 1 77,350 AED 7,735 AED
Year 2 77,350 AED 7,735 AED
Year 3 77,350 AED 7,735 AED
Year 4 77,350 AED 7,735 AED
Year 5 82,450 AED 8,245 AED
Year 6 82,450 AED 8,245 AED
Year 7 82,450 AED


Bloom World Academy

Photograph of landscapted grounds and setting of Bloom World Academy in Dubai

Bloom World Academy will launch this August 2022 on the previous site of Dwight School Dubai in Al Barsha, offering an International Baccalaureate curriculum education to students between the age of 4 years and 18 years – although it will initially open only to Year 9, with remaining years opening in a gradual, phased launch.

Bloom World Academy has made headlines for its innovative policies, which include offering flexible start times for families (between 7am and 9am), and a customised curriculum that is tailored around each child’s individual needs and achievements.

Bloom World Academy’s Founders Fee discount on the approved KHDA fees for the Academic Year 2022/2023 will apply for the first three years.

Discount Details
The Bloom World Academy Founders School package for AY2022/23 includes:

• Founders Fees exclusively for students enrolling into academic year 2022/23 (Pre-KG – Grade 9)
• 50% discount for Grade 6 – Grade 9 students to the KHDA Approved Fees for AY2022/23 (for the first year, only up to a limited number of students)
• Founders Fees guaranteed for 3 years
• Personal IPAD/MacBook laptop included for 3 years (Grade 1 – 9)
• Daily (Monday to Thursday) school-led co-curricular activities
• School uniform package
• Sibling discounts

Grade KHDA Approved Fees Founders Fees
Pre-KG 50,000 40,000
KG1 53,000 47,000
KG2 55,000 50,000
Grade 1 60,000 55,000
Grade 2 60,000 55,000
Grade 3 60,000 55,000
Grade 4 60,000 55,000
Grade 5 60,000 55,000
Grade 6 70,000 64,000
Grade 7 75,000 67,000
Grade 8 75,000 67,000
Grade 9 78,000 72,000


Durham School Dubai

Durham School Dubai announces major launch founding fee offer for parents offering the best RPOI for any Tier 1 British school launch to date in Dubai.

Durham School Dubai – which will open in Dubai Investment Park this August 2022 – is the third international branch of one of England’s longest established day and boarding schools, Durham School. The original school was founded in 1414 and re-founded in 1541 by King Henry VIII. This impressive legacy and reputation will be translated into the UAE under the trusted leadership of Headmaster Mark Atkins, whose commitment to traditional values, the highest quality teaching, and an ethos of kindness, humility and moral integrity will attract any parents looking for a solid Tier 1 British education for their child.

Also attractive to parents will be the outstanding ROI represented in the school’s Founders Discount, which amount to some of the most competitive launch fees of any premium British school in Dubai, ever.

Discount Details

Founding Families Special Offer

To recognise founding families for supporting the school in its opening year, founding parents joining in Durham’s first academic term (starting August 2022) will now have the option to either take up to 41% off KHDA Approved Tuition Fee as Special Fees for 2022-23 OR enjoy a fixed Discounted Fee structure for three academic years.:

Option 1: Special Fees

Year KHDA Approved Fees Special Fees for 2022-23
FS 1 54,000 38,340
FS 2 54,000 38,340
Year 1 69,000 41,040
Year 2 69,000 41,040
Year 3 75,000 45,900
Year 4 75,000 45,900
Year 5 75,000 45,900
Year 6 75,000 45,900
Year 7 87,000 51,300


Option 2: Three Year Discounted Fee Structure

Year KHDA Approved Fees 2022/23 – 2024/25
FS 1 54,000 42,600
FS 2 54,000 42,600
Year 1 69,000 45,600
Year 2 69,000 45,600
Year 3 75,000 51,000
Year 4 75,000 51,000
Year 5 75,000 51,000
Year 6 75,000 51,000
Year 7 87,000 57,000
Year 8 87,000 57,000


Safa British School

Building and Bridges at Safa British School in Dubai

Established in 2004, Safa British School is an English National Curriculum school that was initially designed as a dedicated Primary, but has since gone on to grow to an all-through school, which will eventually provide education all the way up to Year 13 (the oldest students are currently Year 10 in a phased launch). Historically founded as the Al Safa Private School, a much-loved small villa school in Jumeirah where it operated between 2005 and 2012, the school initially educated just 35 children.

Very quickly school the school expanded to a role of some 350 children and, in 2012, to meet demand, Safa British School moved to a location in Meydan Street at the edges of Al Quoz.

In September 2020, Safa British School relocated to a landmark site in Jumeirah with the results that, today, in our view, Safa British School qualifies as the most architecturally and thematically thoughtful and beautiful school built in the UAE in a generation.

With the second phase of the school’s development completed in January 2021, the school’s sporting, swimming, Design and Technology, and Science Labs infrastructure now ranks Outstanding Plus and equals if not betters the expected standard of Tier 1 Premium provision in the emirates.

Led by the Top Schools Award-winning Principal Zara Harrington, parents whose children join this charming community school for August 2022 will benefit from a lifetime discount on the KHDA approved fees.

Year KHDA Approved Fees 2022/23 – 2024/25
FS 1 42,000 32,000
FS 2 46,000 44,000
Year 1 46,000 44,500
Year 2 50,000 44,500
Year 3 50,000 44,500
Year 4 54,000 46,000
Year 5 54,000 47,000
Year 6 56,000 47,000
Year 7 58,000 52,000
Year 8 60,000 52,000
Year 9 62,000 54,000
Year 10 65,000 58,000


Lifetime Discount: parents registering for Sept’22 will continue on the discounted fees till their children finish Year 9, subject to only annual approved percentage increases

Existing parents who have joined the school prior to September 2020 will continue on their founding family fees at the time of their joining the school, subject to annual approved percentage increase

Siblings joining will be on the discounted rates not founding family fees

Sibling Discounts: 15% on third sibling.


GEMS Al Khaleej International School

School fees discounts at GEMS Al Khaleej International School

One of only four US curriculum schools operated by GEMS Education in the UAE, Al Khaleej International School (AKIS) was established in July 1992, and has just this year relocated from its previous site in Al Garhoud to a brand new campus in the Al Warqa 4 neighbourhood of Dubai. The move to the new campus, which occupies 9.27 acres with a total built-up area of 26,795 sqm, will allow the school to meet increasing demand by raising its capacity to approximately 4,000 students.

Following the move, families will be able to claim a significant discount on the KHDA-approved fees, for at least the next two years

Grade KHDA Approved Fees Special Fees for 2022-23 Special fees 2023-24
Pre-KG 31,372 22,322 22,323
KG 1 33,372 22,322 22,323
KG 2 33,372 22,322 22,323
Grade 1 36,716 25,353 25,353
Grade 2 36,716 25,353 25,353
Grade 3 36,716 25,353 25,353
Grade 4 38,835 30,038 30,038
Grade 5 39,281 30,038 30,038
Grade 6 39,281 30,038 30,038
Grade 7 40,883 36,100 36,100
Grade 8 40,883 36,100 36,100
Grade 9 40,883 36,100 36,100
Grade 10 48,195 42,714 42,714
Grade 11 48,195 42,714 42,714
Grade 12 48,195 42,714 42,714


GEMS Al Barsha National School

School fee discounts at GEMS Al Barsha National School in Dubai

GEMS Al Barsha National School follows the English National Curriculum including the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum from Year 1 to Year 9.  It offers IGCSE in Years 10 and 11 and ‘AS‘ and ‘A’ Levels for Years 12 and 13. Children in the Foundation Stage to Year 2 split 50% of their learning time between Arabic and English. Spanish is offered from Year 5 as an additional language.

Year KHDA Approved Fees 2022/23 Fees with 5% discounts
FS 1 42,000 39,900
FS 2 52,000 49,400
Year 1 52,000 49,400
Year 2 52,000 49,400
Year 3 52,000 49,400
Year 4 52,000 49,400
Year 5 52,000 49,400
Year 6 52,000 49,400
Year 7 57,000 54,150
Year 8 57,000 54,150
Year 9 57,000 54,150
Year 10 62,000 58,900
Year 11 62,000 58,900
Year 12 62,000 58,900
Year 13 62,000 58,900


Citizens School Dubai

Photograph of the entrance to the new Citizens School Dubai opening in September 2022 in the heart of the emirate.

Citizens School Dubai is a new British curriculum school being launched this August 2022 by Blenheim Schools – part of the well-known UK-based Chatsworth Schools family – and Education Ventures Company (EVC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Al Zarooni Emirates Investments (ZEI). Located on a landmark 7.6 acre hub site opposite City Walk, this bold and ambitious new school boasts a range of unique points of differentiation – not least its custom-built curriculum. Using the UK National Curriculum as its standard, the ‘Citizens’ Tapestry’ builds upon the blueprint with six key threads – Mindset; Entrepreneur; Health & Wellbeing; Sustainable Leadership; Global; and Digital Literacy – forming an education system it describes as comprehensive, holistic, inclusive, and fun. Citizens is offering an attractive 20% founders fee discount, which will have a lifetime guarantee while students are at the school.

Discount details

Founding students joining in 2022-23 will benefit from a Citizens School Founding Family discount of 20% applied on the KHDA approved fees for as long as those children are enrolled at Citizens School.

Year KHDA Approved Fees Discounted fees
FS 1 45,000 36,000
FS 2 55,000 44,000
Year 1 65,000 52,000
Year 2 65,000 52,000
Year 3 65,000 52,000
Year 4 65,000 52,000
Year 5 65,000 52,000
Year 6 65,000 52,000
Year 7 87,000 57,000
Year 8 87,000 57,000

Notes to schools offering school fees discounts:

If your school is offering school fees discounts or scholarships in 2022-2023, please contact me at [email protected] with comprehensive details so these may be shared with parents.

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