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New KHDA factsheets reveal Indian schools in Dubai with lowest fees and highest inspection rating

New KHDA factsheets reveal Indian schools in Dubai with lowest fees and highest inspection rating

by Tabitha BardaJune 2, 2022

Which are the most affordable Indian schools in Dubai? The first KHDA School Fees Factsheets, which for the first time reveal the true cost of an education in Dubai, have now been published.

Previously the only fees listed on most school websites was the top-line tuition fees – but this often only constitutes a fraction of what parents will be charged for during the year, when other ‘hidden’ costs are taken into account.

But now every parent can discover right from the offset the full amount that they might need to pay throughout the academic year, including all possible charges – from transportation, uniforms and books, to school trips and extra curricular activities.

The first phase of School Fees KHDA Factsheets for schools starting their academic year in April have now been published. Encompassing mostly Indian-curriculum schools, this means that parents of more than 81,000 students across 35 schools in Dubai now have access to a fully transparent, comprehensive breakdown of everything they could be expected to pay for in the year ahead. Schools that start their academic year in September 2022 will get access to the service before the close of the current academic year.

The REAL cost of education in Dubai: Full updated 2022/23 list of all school fees of Indian curriculum schools

The following table lists the updated, fully comprehensive fees for Indian curriculum schools in Dubai, ranked in order of the cost of their fees, from lowest to highest.

Each school is required to provide the lowest possible fees and the highest possible fees that a parent might have to pay. We have chosen to sort based on the lowest possible fees, so that you can work out the most affordable Indian schools in Dubai.

Another key figure column is “Average Fees” which identifies the average fees parents can be expected to pay when averaged across all years should a child enter the school in Pre-primary/FS1 and Leave in Grade 12/Year 13.

This table should be used as a swift way to identify those affordable Indian schools that fall within your targeted budget.


The table will not tell you the quality of a given school – for that you should refer to the KHDA Inspection rating, which is also in the table, or check out our detailed reviews on or our sister site

School / KHDA Factsheets Ages Overall DSIB Rating Location Lowest fee Average fee Highest fee
Crescent English School KG1-G12 Acceptable Al Qusais AED 2,643 AED 3,788 AED 9,591
Little Flowers English School KG1-G6 Acceptable Hor Al Anz AED 3,548 AED 3,617 AED 3,823
Gulf Model School KG1-G12 Weak Al Muhaisnah 1 AED 3,563 AED 4,698 AED 6,478
The Central School KG1-G12 Acceptable Al Nahda 2 AED 3,718 AED 4,770 AED 6,545
New Indian Model School KG1-G12 Acceptable Al Garhoud AED 3,915 AED 4,982 AED 6,811
Elite English School PP-G12 Acceptable Deira AED 4,480 AED 5,727 AED 9,889
Gulf Indian High School KG1-G12  Acceptable Al Garhoud AED 4,498 AED 5,795 AED 8,506
The Indian High School – Branch KG1-G4 Good Al Garhoud AED 5,276 AED 5,442 AED 5,525
The Indian High School G5-G12 Very Good Oud Metha AED 5,525 AED 7,911 AED 10,465
GEMS Our Own Indian School


KG1-G12 Good Al Quoz 1 AED 6,523 AED 9,820 AED 13,297
Our Own High School Good Al Warqa’a 1 AED 7,237 AED 11,401 AED 15,069
Gems Our Own English High School PP-G12 Very Good Al Warqa’a 1 AED 7,237 AED 11,744 AED 15,955
GEMS Legacy School KG1-G7 Good Al Garhoud AED 7,888 AED 10,713 AED 14,000
The Indian International School (DSO) KG1-G10 Acceptable Dubai Silicon Oasis AED 9,679 AED 14,290 AED 11,426
Delhi Private School PP-G12 Very Good Jebel Ali AED 10,298 AED 12,196 AED 14,416
The Indian Academy PP- G12 Good Al Muhaisnah 4 AED 11,102 AED 16,683 AED 22,000
JSS Private School Al Wasl PP-G12 Very Good Al Wasl AED 11,228 AED 15,533 AED 24,384
Primus Private School PP-G12 Good Al Warqa’a 1 AED 11,339 AED 17,536 AED 22,731
Woodlem Park School LLC PP-G10 Good Al Qusais AED 12,000 AED 17,602 AED 23,000
Sabari Indian School KG1 – G10 Acceptable Deira AED 14,463 AED 15,607 AED 16,698
Pearl Wisdom School KG1-G12 Uninspected Hor Al Anz AED 14,500 AED 16,227 AED 17,500
Amity School PP-G9 Acceptable Al Qusais AED 15,000 AED 22,250 AED 29,000
Credence High School PP-G12 Good Al Quoz 1 AED 15,311 AED 20,819 AED 26,000
JSS International School PP-G12 Very Good Jumeirah Village Circle (South) AED 15,483 AED 24,648 AED 40,401
The Millennium School PP-G12 Very Good Al Qusais AED 16,898 AED 21,152 AED 24,849
Springdales School LLC PP-G12 (Indian); Y10, Y11 (UK) Good Al Quoz 4 AED 18,814 AED 27,785 AED 45,000
Bright Riders School


KG1-G12 Acceptable Dubai Investment Park AED 19,000 AED 25,031 AED 30,000
Bright Riders School KG1-G12 Acceptable Dubai Investment Park AED 19,000 AED 25,031 AED 30,000
Ambassador School PP-G12 Very Good Al Mankhool AED 21,123 AED 28,231 AED 42,298
Global Indian International School LLC PP-G11 Good Al Quoz 1 AED 21,176 AED 29,076 AED 38,824
GEMS New Millennium School PP-G12 (Indian); Y10-Y12 (UK) Very Good Al Khail AED 21,397 AED 26,806 AED 31,025
GEMS Modern Academy G4-G12 (Indian); PP-G12 (Indian/IB) Outstanding  Al Sheba 1 AED 28,646 AED 45,773 AED 68,302

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