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Chapter 7. Write a Novel Challenge.

Chapter 7. Write a Novel Challenge.

by Afreen ThariqJune 8, 2020

As she declared it, there was a streak of sunshine glaring her eyes. She closed her eyes for a moment, just a moment and the walls disappeared out of view. The humans at the rear of the walls were a gaggle of young girls, however, there was something wrong with them. Their faces showed up to be scarred and their ragged and torn garments couldn’t be anymore dirty. There was a yell, so loud and dreadful, that she hit the marble floor. As she fell, the bottom gave way, and she disappeared into the dim, foggy darkness. As she wakened, she figured out that she was in a tall tower of sunshine. She pondered into her minor mind and thought how did she ever survive?

Is this the rainbow of belief that takes when the storms, that mother enlightened her about?

And accumulating her issues, she felt a quiet injury in her heart. Hot tears splashed onto her pretty face, how long has it been since she met her darling mother? When the pool of tears in her eyes dried up, Neina went right into a minor bicycle shed close to her, begging her to enter. “Seems strange to keep it right here,” she mumbled. As she entered the queer place, she saw a vast space, the gauge of a house. There became a bunch of shiny bulbs of delicate light there and she exquisitely touched a yellow one. She transported into deep silences and listened to a yell. It had been cheerful, surprisingly happy. She strolled ahead and saw herself, at the age of three, holding a trophy factory-made from gold. She had received the prize of a running competition, a happy moment in her life. And, zap, she came back. Touching the blue one, she saw her at five, she detected herself to be screaming badly, the wound aching her kept on bleeding.

Why are these memories here?

As she once more entered the chamber of recollections, an odd girl entered. She saw her vacuuming the dim, grey ones. She hastily moves forward to one of those few, to comprehend what feeling it became and saw a fuzzy space. She became thrown out right away. The ugly lady was facing her. The face transformed into a shadow and entered her soul.

Write a Novel Challenge Chapter 7 illustration. Girl trapped in an elevator plunging to infinity.

She was forced to run out and enter an elevator, which looked like it had not worked for years. The lift affected a limitless variety of the way it moved, and it suddenly stopped. There was a person crouched next to her and he stopped. That curious person beside her could barely compress a horrific and dangerous grin. He advanced a step to the management box. Shuffling nearer, he reached out into the control area and ripped out a blue wire. For a second, it felt like nothing happened, and she plunged down those millions and millions of floors of doom. She unleashed a blood-curling scream and fell into the lowest part of the shaft. She awakened.

How many times can she fall asleep?

Now, the bottom of the shaft was reached. There was a cold breath on her face and her mom came into view. “M-mo-m?” spoke Neina, as though she has never spoken before. “Yes, sweetie, you’re alright. You gave us a fright there!” spoke a sweet voice, determined to make her talk. Neina hugged her. And when she let go, something slimy came all over her, she faced her mom once more, to realise it was not her, but a monster, made completely of slime.

Ewwww, how could I imagine that slimy monster was my dear mother!

She ran away, far into the twilight. She saw a bright light, and then darkness again. As she retraced her steps, she reached the light. She walked on and it seemed as though it was a never endless path. As she rushed through the path, she stumbled on some blocks and before she knew it, she could see blood gushing from her knees. She knew panicking was not a solution at this point, so she tore a small piece of her dress and wrapped it around her bleeding knees haphazardly and she decided to continue her journey. She had to get out of this somehow. “I am brave, I am brave” she muttered to herself while deep inside her, a voice told her “this is your end.” All her loved ones kept flashing through her mind as she continued her journey. On either side of her was now a dripping-wet wall of sharp-pointed protruding stone, excluding all her view but a strip of the blue sky; It seemed like a dungeon and it had an earthy, deathly smell as though she had left the natural world. She wished to scream out loud, but someone seemed to be strangling her throat. Was she dreaming or was someone really there?

I don’t dare to look behind.

Her mouth was dry, she felt like it was hours before she entered this lane. She took a right and a left or was it a left and a right? It seemed as though she was trapped in a maze with no end. She couldn’t stop now; she had walked miles and miles inside.

This is my last chance to see my mom, why didn’t I love her more?

Taking a deep breath, she followed a series of rights and lefts, finally reaching a corridor of many, weird-shaped doors. As she progressed through one, it seemed as though she reached the same area, or was it really the same? It seems that every door led to more and more doors only, but no exits were there.  “Oh god, will I ever escape! I want to see my dad, mom and brother. I miss my beautiful house! Please bring me back!” she wailed loudly, begging for help, “Oh how will I get out. Please help me. Please, please, please!” Her voice echoed throughout the whole area. She pulled open an enormous door…

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Afreen Thariq
Afreen Thariq is Indian, 12 years old and a student at Capital School in Dubai. She writes: "I am inspired by many authors like J.K Rowling, Enid Blyton and David Walliams. I am currently reading the Ickabog by J.K Rowling and I was glad to get an opportunity to write a chapter for this novel. I mainly enjoy adventure stories..."

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