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Chapter 12. Write a Novel Challenge.

Chapter 12. Write a Novel Challenge.

by Srija SuragouniJune 15, 2020

For the first time, since she was forced into that incomprehensible, harrowing dimension, time stood still. It almost scared itself of the words that had bellowed from the misshapen substitute of Neina’s father.

As for Neina, the room simply meshed into a black pit of despair, spinning uncontrollably before her veined, bloodshot eyes. Clenching her pulsing head, her legs numbed as she plunged toward the ground. Her father hadn’t uttered much – only three words. Three words that would forever change the course of Neina’s life. Three words that would consistently haunt and taunt Neina.  Three words that would consistently pulse through her head:

“It was Isla.”

Each numbing day since her mother’s disappearance, she had ripped herself apart, inside and out. Spending countless, torturous nights, tossing and turning restlessly in a sea of tears. A single day had not passed without her gut wrenching at the slightest idea that her mother – who’s beaming smile illuminated rooms, who’s azul, doe eyes glistened in the tranquil sunrise – might have left because of her. Because she wasn’t talented enough, because she wasn’t good enough. Because she wasn’t enough.

She was constantly unnerved and brimming with the constant fear of disappointing, doubting each minor action – living in what seemed like a nightmare come true; a mural painted with shades of pain.

But her father’s words echoed through her head, running at an unworldly speed. Her worst fear, most unimaginable outcome, hadn’t come true. It was never the reason. She was never the reason. Those three words brought inexplicable clarity to a dilemma that had forever clouded and obstructed her life. So, as Neina cradled herself on the cobbled blue floor, face buried in the warmth of her bruised knees, a feeling rushed through every inch of her, leaving goose-bumps in its wake. A feeling of actual relief. In that moment, Neina truly asked herself, “is this what happiness feels like?” As, for the first time, she had real answers.

However, even in that completely contrasting, mystical world, Neina knew all good things must come to an end. She wished, ever so dearly, that she could tightly clutch on to the sudden, freeing rush that had engulfed her – and never let go. Instead, a boiling flush of rage bubbled through her veins. Heat … radiating off her like metal in summer. Her nostrils flaring and fuming … at the sight of her poor mother. With constraints so tight that her hands slowly lost their flow of blood, salty streams of tears crusted across her once youthful face. Desperate wails from underneath the tape that concealed her past, beaming smile.

Neina knew the root for this despicable misery. Not just for her mother, but the years of torture for herself and Ryder. It was all due to a pathetic, sociopathic excuse of a being … Isla.

Write a novel challenge Chapter 12 provides an insight into the purest most absolute form of structured rage.

Mustering what seemed like the anger of a thousand demons, Neina hoisted her once weak legs with tremendous power. It seemed as though the room trembled with terror. Now she knew who was behind her living nightmare – and rage was pouring out of her, craving the sweet taste of revenge. She wasn’t even slightly concerned for Isla’s deplorable excuses; she was still bewildered as to why she was unmercifully shot. However, there was one objective that Neina was crystal clear on. Revenge. With every last breath she could gather, her vocal chords’ strained to squall “Isla, I’m coming for you”.

A deathly silence followed, with these words resonating throughout the black box Neina was confined to.

Just like that, the room faded, immersing her in blinding, ethereal light.

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About The Author
Srija Suragouni
Srija Suragouni is 14 years old and a British student studying in Year 9 at GEMS FirstPoint School in Dubai. Miss Suragouni writes: "The Write a Novel challenge has a been a great experience. It was so interesting to read the previous authors’ chapters and watch the storyline progress. In chapter 12 I wanted to focus more on Neina’s emotions, and address what her driving force would be throughout the rest of the story. I enjoyed moulding my chapter around the amazing story that has developed so far, and I am really looking forward to see what the authors have in store for Neina, in the chapters to come."

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