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Top Schools in the UAE – The Awards Official Shortlist 2019
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Top Schools in the UAE – The Awards Official Shortlist 2019

by Jon WestleyFebruary 14, 2019

Best School for Child Progress and Value Added Education – The Shortlist 2019

Outstanding inclusive schools in the UAE that deliver above and beyond for children

The following schools have all achieved short-listing for the 2019 Best School Award for Outstanding Value Add in the ways it has ensured that children are enabled to exceed the flight paths expected of them when entering the school, across academics and their whole child development as young men and women. These are inclusive schools with the courage and conviction to ensure that no child will, or should, ever be left behind – and more than this, that every child has a gift that can be developed and brought to life.  

All the schools listed, in different ways, provide outstanding breadth of academic, technical and ECA options for students to ensure that every child can meet his or her individual ambitions, potential, and ability.

Each of them endeavours to provide exceptional added value to each child’s journey to ensure that every student leaves school at least meeting and more often exceeding baseline academic and whole child expectations.

When we have looked at schools, we have weighted those that plough back investment into facilities, teacher salaries, resources and school improvements year-on-year to improve education for children.

All of the schools shortlisted endeavour to deliver a benchmark for the best education for children, available in the UAE. Today, with a UAE educational system that increasingly, and in our view very creditably, celebrates inclusion, value-add and progress, rather than exam results and league tables alone, these are the indicators we believe that parents should be looking to in deciding on the best schools to educate their children. These are the schools that achieve for all our children.  

Finally, we have looked across all areas of provision, investment, innovation and achievement that support each school being shortlisted.


It should be noted that the very small number of academically selective schools in the UAE have great difficulty in demonstrating value-add academically – their children arrive at school already set on a natural path to achieve. This does not mean that they do not provide value-add – just that it is harder to measure. As a result you will not see these schools shortlisted here.

The finalists and winner of the Best School for Value Add and Child Progress in the UAE will be announced on 7 March 2019 at a glittering awards ceremony kindly hosted in association with Dubai Parks and Resorts, on a night that will bring together schools, their teachers and leadership, to celebrate and recognise all that they achieve for our children each year.  

Extraordinary schools in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE that achieve over and above for children

Ambassador School – review here, and here 

American School of Creative Science, Dubai – review here, and here

British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi – review here, and here

Dubai British School Emirates Hills – review here, and here

Dubai English Speaking College (DESC) – review here, and here

The English College – review here, and here 

Foremarke School Dubai – review here, and here

Hartland International School – review here, and here 

GEMS Jumeirah College (JC) – review here, and here

Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) Arabian Ranches – review here, and here

Raffles International School – review here

Raffles World Academy – review here, and here

Repton School Dubai – review here, and here 

Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys, Abu Dhabi – review here

Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls, Abu Dhabi – review here

West Yas Academy, Abu Dhabi – review here, and here


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