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Photo Competition: Back to School!


Photo Essay: A Call for Entries

We are looking to celebrate the return of teachers and students to school this year with a photo competition to capture school life in the first week of school in September.

The idea is to capture schools as they are brought back to life at the onset of the academic year, and the big return to school after the summer hols. Tears, excitement, happiness – photographs that capture the importance and drama of this special week.

Up to 10 photos per entry (no more), with each photo containing a picture caption of no more than 60 words.

Entries can come from across the school, and should ideally capture moments such as the first lesson, the first day in Sixth Form/Post 16, making new friends, meeting new teachers, surprises, discoveries, and so on.

The school with the winning photo essay will achieve not only the glory and credit as a published photographer, but a cash prize of 2,500 DHS for him or herself, and 2500 AED that will go to the school to spend on photographic equipment.

The winning photo essay will be published in full.

There will be two runners up, with a 1000 AED prize for the winner, and a 1,000 AED contribution to the school for photographic equipment.

Contributed photos may also be used on and reviews to better illustrate your school…


To enter

Please submit your entries to by the 25th September 2017.

Each entry MUST include:

  • The name/title of the photo essay
  • Name of the photographer(s)
  • His/Her/Their Year in school
  • Name of school
  • A copy of the signed permission for the photos to be published on and


Please zip the photos and a Word document containing the captions, and send details of where to download (via drop box or WeTransfer) to [email protected] Please do not send the images directly to us.

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