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Highest rated UAE schools for ‘Warmth’

Highest rated UAE schools for ‘Warmth’

by David WestleyJanuary 13, 2017

As rated by you. This is the output of your votes for schools on for the Warmth of UAE schools. We include here the overall result, and number of votes so far. The more votes, the more accurate the result.

Note, the easiest way to get more accurate results for your school is to send the review to fellow parents, and to get them to rate its performance… Their data will be used to update this chart on a monthly basis.

Note, the higher number the better. In terms of Grade the numbers can be translated to be the following:


A+: 14
A: 13
A-: 12
B+: 11
B: 10
B-: 9
C+: 8
C: 7

In terms of number of votes, it is much harder to score an A+ (14 points) with 200 votes than it is with 2.

As noted, we will continue to update these figures on a monthly basis.



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